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Georgia is a sold out limited edition silicone baby sculpted by Bonnie Sieben. This baby is a full body silicone doll with a partially opened mouth. She can be bathed and has rooted hair that can be brushed, styled and washed. She is a heavy baby at over 8 lbs. If you're looking for a "perfect" baby please do not buy her. I have included photos to show specific imperfections.

Silicone is an extremely difficult medium and I am continuing to learn new techniques for painting and rooting silicone as I expand my skillset over time. This baby was originally a custom order priced at $3200 and became part of my collection. I am offering her as a boo-boo baby because since her creation I have learned more about painting silicone dolls and I believe my future silicone babies will get better as I practice.

Please review all of the images and if you have questions please reach out. I am happy to show different images (we can only include 10 photos on etsy). There are no refunds or cancellations on this baby.