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The SoundBib is an adorable bib for your baby that allows your baby to cry, coo, feed, hiccup and make those precious grunting sounds without having to take your doll apart to install or replace batteries.

❤ Reborn Doll SoundBibs
❤ One Sound Unit + One Bib Included per order
❤ Assorted Colors/Prints
❤ Visit this link to listen:
❤ The tracks will play continually - there is no option to skip or choose one sound with these units.
❤ My sound units are the highest quality recording mechanisms currently available. I order direct from the manufacturer and program them with premium PAID content.
❤ Keep in mind that all sound units will record with a slightly audible pink background that you will hear between baby's vocalizations. This is a natural recording phenomenon and is not considered to be a defect.

1. Turn on unit (back of white box)
2. Press button to play
3. Replace batteries as needed.

3AAA are required. A small phillips screwdriver removes the cover.


Newborn Waking Up (NWU)
Sneezing Babbling & Breathing (SBB)
Very Newborn Noises (VNN)
Newborn Grunts & Hiccups (NGH)
Newborn Feeding Sounds (NFS)
Very Newborn Crying (VNC)


Vintage Girl
Vintage Boy
Boho Girl
Boho Boy
Floral Girl