NEW BABY! CuStOm Reborn Baby Carter by Ashten Bryant (20"+ Full Limbs) Preorder starts March 6th

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Please read all of the following information before proceeding to checkout. By completing this purchase you are agreeing to all terms, conditions and information contained in this listing.

You are purchasing a finished, hand made authentic reborn baby doll that will be created just for you! This baby is made of soft vinyl and includes a premium, soft cloth body that is positionally weighted to feel like a real baby in your arms. This baby does NOT have rooted hair

My babies are completed with the newborn illusions subtle painted hair. Your baby will not be rooted unless you have purchased a rooting package for him or her.


Your baby will come home in a fresh diaper and white hospital teeshirt/bodysuit with their COA (if one was provided with the kit). Your baby will arrive dressed and encapsulated in a clear plastic travel bubble sealed inside their travel box. Your purchase includes tracking but does NOT include full purchase price insurance. You will have the opportunity to purchase full insurance before your baby is shipped.

My name is Betty J Coffman. I am from Elkton,Virginia and I have been creating reborns since 2013. I have sold more than a thousand dolls with collectors all over the world. I am a certified trusted artist with a featured page at I am active on social media with more than 4k followers. I post WIP (work in progress) images regularly on facebook & instagram. I also maintain a pinterest page and a youtube channel.

Please make sure I am the artist for you before you purchase. You can see my work in many skin tones at


There are no cancellations, no refunds and no returns on any custom made item

My images are always used when I have completed a sculpt. When I have not you will see prototype images instead. The images shown are representations of finished babies from the sculpt. The baby in the image is NOT the actual baby you will receive.

You will normally wait 10 weeks for your doll to be finished. However, some orders may require additional time to complete. Please check with me before ordering if wait time could be an issue for you.

Babies are weighted realistically according to the size of the sculpt. The cloth body is positionally weighted which means the baby will curl into your arms just like a real newborn. The head and limbs are weighted with premium glass beads.

15-17 inch babies usually weigh around 4 lbs, depending on the sculpt and will wear preemie size clothing in most brands.

18-20 inch babies weigh 5-6 lbs depending on the sculpt and will wear newborn size clothing in most brands.

21-23 inch babies weigh 6-8 lbs depending on the sculpt and will wear 0-3 mos size clothing in most brands.

Awake babies receive collector's grade optical acrylic eyes. Eyebrows are softly painted for realism. Eyelashes are rooted on sleeping babies and applied with glue on awake babies.

Your baby will be made using a blend of heat set paints. Natural skin colors will be professionally blended to create the illusion of layers. Creases are shaded for depth and make the skin look supple and squishy.

In order to get progress updates throughout the process please be sure to order the progress listing to go along with your baby. When you purchase this add-on your baby will be given a dedicated progress page that you can access throughout the process. Scroll down for the link.

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There are over a dozen realism upgrades available for purchase with your custom reborn baby. Please be sure to check them out before purchase to add even more realistic detail to your already amazing custom doll.