CuStOm CLoTh BoDy SiLiCoNe Elyse by Cassie Brace (22"+Full Limbs)

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This baby will be created to provide the ultimate cuddle experience for his/her new mommy. Unlike full silicone babies, partial silicone babies are much more poseable and feel much closer to the real thing. Most people think they need the full silicone baby to get the realistic baby experience but that's just not true. You won't even miss the silicone torso because the cloth body allows me the freedom to weight the baby in a way that will cause the baby to curl into your arms like a REAL newborn does. I spend extra time creating the "pattable bottom" during assembly so your baby's tushy will also feel very realistic.


Material: Cloth Body + Platinum Silicone Limbs & Head
Processing Time: 32-52 weeks
Hair: Baby will be bald unless you purchase rooted hair
Custom Detailing: You will receive a form link in your download file shortly after you place your order. The form allows you to choose all of your baby's attributes.
Weight: Realistic weighted body
Disclaimer: Due to the complex nature of silicone imperfections are natural and are not considered to be defects.